Peperomia plant might survive…

I received a peperomia plant as a gift in May and it was amazing! I have never seen a plant like this before and I love it. I normally enjoy taking care of indoor and outdoor plants so this was definitely a great gift. I love how unique it looks and it the care instructions didn’t seem too crazy. A friend said she saw this one at Trader Joe’s so there is a very good possibility that this came from Trader Joe’s because the gift giver does like to shop there!

May 18, 2020

A little later in the month (picture below), the long wormy things actually perked straight up! Since I have taken care of indoor plants before, I added it to my regular weekly watering schedule (Water Wednesdays). And gave it just a little water every Wednesday, removed dead leaves, removed the dead long things. And things were fine for a while.

May 31, 2020

At some point, I don’t remember when, I noticed the plant was not doing well at all. Some of the leaves had drooped into the soil and were really limp and soggy. The other leaves barely seemed to be handing on. The long wormy things were just falling off if I touched them. I also noticed it started to smell really funky. I had read about root rot and was pretty sure that was what I was dealing with. So I took it outside, removed the plant from the container and sure enough the soil was all clumped together into a soggy, nasty smelling mess! So I got some good potting soil that was left over from earlier in the year and tried replanting the plant but the roots were really shallow and probably not very healthy.

August 1, 2020

Today the plant is doing a bit better than it was before. It looks like maybe some new growth is starting and what has survived is looking alright. It’s definitely not the perky, bushy, full of life plant that it was back in May but it’s also not the rotting, smelly plant that it was in June or July. My advice if you get a plant from Trader Joe’s would probably be to replant it in a good soil right away – maybe I just over watered it or didn’t let it drain properly but ultimately I kind of thing the soil wasn’t too great to begin with. It brings back memories of that poor Christmas tree from there that died… Little Christmas Tree. Last Chance.

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